French Program​
Pomdapi & Creations

The Story

Once upon a time… a French little girl, 7 years old, is living in US with her 2 mothers. One is journalist and loves to travel all over the world. The other one is a judge and works all the time.
​That little girl “Cannelle la demoiselle” (Cinnamon the lady) will visit a new country once a year with her biological mother and she will meet “Bonbon” (Candy) in her first country: France.
​The first book will take place in Paris, France where “Cannelle” is born. It will be in 3 languages: French, English and Spanish.
​Each book will have a dominant color, related to the Feng-shui concept, Waldorf philosophy’s inspiration, and Tricia Guild fairy colors. The first one will be a mix of  blue, bamboo, lavender and indigo.
Essentials values, French proverbs, anatomy, a map of the world and much more will be share with the young readers.The E-Book will come first and the paper- version will arrive soon after.Thank you for your patience and enthusiasm to follow the wonderful Cannelle’s adventures with Bonbon, le chaton!

​You can participate and help for the project, just make a donation now!

Inspired by Martine's series in the sixties!

The Team

Sandrine Courtade - Author

The founder of Pomdapi Creations, Sandrine, has a very rich background in various fields. She is a humanist and idealist, self educated, and has highly creative ideas and new concepts. Sandrine is passionate in all that she is involved in with her mind, heart, body and soul!

Pomdapi Creations is her fourth business, but the first one in the educational field. Sandrine began studying Early Childhood Education in 2012.

Tiffany Chen - Translator

Tiffany studied French literature at University California of Berkeley. She enjoys learning languages because it is another new world for her to discover. She currently speaks French, Mandarin, Swahili, and English. She will be attending medical school in Paris in the fall of 2014. She would like to practice medicine internationally. She dreams of providing quality and effective healthcare to diverse communities, where she hopes to serve and empower individuals to reach their greatest capacity and their dreams

Lynne Chauncey - Designer

Lynne studied design at the Art Institute of Colorado, and loves translating ideas and words into visual communications. This will be her first foray into e-book design and she is excited for the challenge.

Isabel Sanchez Cabrera - Translator

Isabel Sanchez Cabrera graduated from the University of Oviedo, Spain with a degree in law.  She has eight years of experience in Spanish/English interpretation within the Human Resources field.  She has worked as a generalist at the historic Palace Hotel in San Francisco and as a manager at George Mark Children's House, the first free standing pediatric palliative care center in the US.