​L'histoire - The story

Pomdapi Creations - 2013

Once upon a time ...

There once was a happy little apple who was so happy to be in the world that she did not want to be eaten,
as was her expected fate.
In order to exist, she struggled all the time and was exhausted to constantly be proving that she did not deserve to be eaten.
One day, she met a soul mate as strong as herself who supported her actions and showed her the road of possibilities!

​Thanks so much for that little apple, she is here because you!

Why Pomdapi ?

It is local and unique,

It supports your community.

And we promote "Pay it forward" movement

Please, spread the word around !

We are a French immersion program for children and adults taking place in Alameda and Berkeley. Our purpose is to maintain the French culture, language and build a French community in Alameda and the Bay Area.

Ludique & Ethique!

Who we are